Friday, February 8, 2013

The Cure

Winter Crazy - written by Davy Rasmussen 
Song Lyrics

I've found the cure for Winter Blues and Cabin Fever.   Here are the simple ingredients:

1 couch that is light enough to be pushed and slid around
3-4 neighbors that don't have far to drive or can walk to your house
1 ipod/iphone/mp3 player with your favorite variety of tunes
4-30 bottles of wine (home made vino has the best affect)
a few snacks to nibble on


Pour some wine in everyone's glass.  Catch up on everything going on since you last got together.  Refill the glasses.   Start your music playlist with some upbeat 80's dance tunes.   As soon as you notice that one or more of your guests are bobbing their heads to the beat, quietly slip away from the conversation area and slide the couch in the living room over to the wall.   Nonchalantly return to the conversation while topping off everyone's glass.    Gradually increase music volume.  When at least one person begins dancing, lower the lights, crank the volume a little more and let the winter blues melt away.  The cabin fever will instantly replace itself with the sounds of laughter, sunshine in your soul and the blooms of spring in your smile.