Friday, May 18, 2012

A Mother's Day Wish

Through my Mother's eyes - written by Davy Rasmussen
My field of Gold (Sharon & Mom)
Every Mother's Day my Mom always asks me "Davy... will you play the song you wrote for me".  Sadly sometimes I try to get around singing it for one reason or the other, but usually she wins and I try to remember how it goes.  This year I know my wife Sharon will be hurting a little inside because she won't have her beautiful Mom to call or talk to, and that has made me love mine a little more. So I sat outside in the garden a few days ago with my guitar and recorder and tried to capture the song.   I thought it would be a nice mother's day gift if she could play it any time she wanted to have me in her living room.   Of course I knew that it wouldn't free me of my mother's day live performance, but hoped it would make her smile.   There was a symphony of birds that joined in as I sang, and I think they actually got a bit louder as the song echoed through the hollow.

As promised, I played it for Mom in person on Mother's day.   As I sang the last words and opened my eyes to look at her, she had big drops of love falling down her cheek and the guitar instantly became the insides of a hug sandwich.   Since we all have mothers, and some are here and some have left us,   I decided that I should share the recording with friends and family on facebook.   One of the comments I received was that if she was my mother, she would ask for me to sing the song to her once a week instead of once a year.    The comment made me stop and think about how fragile life really is and how I'll truly miss the day I can't sit by her and play the music she planted as seeds so long ago.    It was her voice and the music that she wrote that filled my childhood ears and widened my heart with melody.   The Christmas I unwrapped my first guitar was the year the garden was turned.  I owe all of the music in my soul to my Mom.   Though I'm sure she would love to hear me sing this same song every week,  instead I'm going to try and make myself  write/blog once a week until next mother's day about these heirloom seeds from her and many others, and I'll include the songs inspired by these moments in time too.  Perhaps my feather friends and their background singing will join in only for the chorus on the next recording.  :-)  


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