Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love Stains

White Ring - written by Davy and Sharon Rasmussen
Song Lyrics

So I'm standing naked in the checkout line at home depot.   I can feel the eyes of everyone staring at me too.   It doesn't help matters that it's midsummer and most of my body is tan from the sun, except for one obvious section of skin.  There it is, poking out there for the world to see... My left hand.   So I'm really not naked, I just feel that way without my wedding band on.  Last night Sharon put both of our wedding rings in a cleaning solution and guess who drove off without his on?  I give the cashier my credit card and it feels so strange not seeing the ring I have worn for twenty two years.  All everyone can see is the white skin from where it use to be, like a little love stain.

This song is about that day when a marriage is over and you are left with that white ring reminding you of what went wrong.  The song is a bit sad and depressing, but I liked the hook so much that we wrote another version of the song that takes place about six months later and from a completely different perspective.   I'll get that one on here in a few weeks.

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