Friday, July 27, 2012

Essential Element

Try a Little Love - written by Davy Rasmussen and Michael Santana
Song Lyrics

She cuddles up close to her baby girls as they shiver in the night.  "It's going to be OK", she says to herself.   "I've made it this far. I can't give up now".  It was pitch black in the trunk of the car where she and her two babies where thrown like a bag of old trash.  She can tell from the sound that the tires were making that they were no longer on paved road.   She hit her head on the top of the car as it bounced in and out of a pot hole.  One of the baby girls started to cry and she pulled her in closer.  "Please stop crying.  I know you are hungry.  I promise, we'll eat soon".  The car comes to a stop and the sound of a door slamming sounds like the crack of thunder.  Footsteps quickly come to the trunk, it pops open and then she feels that familiar cold, harsh hand upon her neck and she is ripped from the car and thrown to the ground.  A few seconds later her two crying girls are pitched next to her as she lays still.  She knows to be submissive and not to rise up or say a word.  She lays frozen, hugging the ground,  praying that she and her babies would be spared.   Another crack of thunder, the sounds of tires on gravel, and slowly the red lights of the car and her past drive away.  

She waits until she can only hear the sound of crickets in the night woods and stands up and looks around.  Nothing is familiar except the stars she can see in the sky.  The road only goes two ways, back in the direction the red car lights went, or the other way, and so she begins to walk.
As the sun starts filtering through the trees she sees a little house, snuggled among flowers and decides to rest here, maybe find water or just a quiet, safe spot to sit and love her girls.   That morning, the lady who lived in the little house came outside with a fresh cup of coffee to listen to the birds and say good morning to God and all his wonderful little creatures.    She hears the sound of a cry coming from the side of the porch and walks over to investigate.  There in front of her was a tattered mother and two little girls in need of the most important essential element of life - LOVE.   They hold a gaze into each other's eyes for a long moment.  Words are not spoken, but between their eyes an exchange of trust is given.   The lady slowly reaches down and picks up both the girls and wraps them in her arms.  They still shake from being cold but instantly feel the warmth of her embrace and the love in her touch.  A tear forms in the mothers eyes.  " I am finally safe."

A few days later the lady had the mother and both the baby girls in the tub giving them all a bath.   "I could get use to this" the Mom thinks to herself.  The girls splash each other as the fleas fall off into the soapy water.   "I wish you three could stay here with us forever.  I would love to watch your girls grow up. If my house was just a little bigger.... If my old cat would come out from hiding, I know she would love your girls too...." , the lady rambles on to the Mom as she is drying her off with a towel.   The Mom looks back with understanding eyes.

    The lady promises to keep her and the girls safe, warm and fed as long as it takes to find the place where they can truly call home.  Later that day Mom and the lady sit together beneath the shade of the Mulberry tree and watch the girls play tug of war with an old sock.   The Mom leans over and gives the lady a gentle lick on the hand and says with her eyes,  "All we really have is today and today is good.  Today I am loved by you and my girls are happy. Thank you so much!".  She puts her head on the lady's lap, closes her chocolate brown eyes and finally rests - peacefully.  

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